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Need help developing and/or implementing corporate vision, mission or values? Or implementing change throughout your organization? Consulting services function as a bridge between understanding how you do business today and developing business growth for tomorrow.


  • On-site leader and team engagement sessions, planning and feedback

  • Vision and mission are adopted by aligning positions with purpose

  • Talent management developed, tracked and celebrated


Are you experiencing obstacles and challenges to succeed in business? Are you unsure whether you are maximizing your potential? Coaching provides individual support, guidance and accountability.


  • Assessment tools to determine strengths and opportunities for growth

  • Internal needs addressed to build character, confidence and competence

  • Personal strategies developed through planning, goal setting and regular accountability reviews

Business Training


Knowledge and talent growth are the greatest investments any human or organization can do to create purpose and prosperity. Are you looking for professional development for yourself or your team? We have certified training programs and workshops.


  • Leadership Challenge

  • Teamwork - Inspiring Vision and Fostering Collaboration

  • Strengthening the Links for Customer Service

  • Synergistic Sales - Enhanced Sales Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Customized Training Program Development

Personal/Group Training

Are you experiencing obstacles and challenges to succeed in your personal life? Are you unsure whether you are maximizing your potential? Together let's bring dreams to reality and create a legacy of the grandest version of your greatest vision!


  • Building Confidence for Men and Women

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries

  • Grieft Recovery Method - Certified Instructor

  • Inner Healing

  • Parenting Teens

  • Marriage Enhancement

  • Spirituality

Business Plans

Starting a new business? Reinventing an existing business? Require a business plan to obtain financing or immigration approval? With many years of experience in business and developing business plans for others, we can provide a professional solution.


  • Research and analysis

  • Professional documented business plan

  • Follow-up process

Key-note Speaking

Are you looking for an inspirational message for groups small or large? There are a variety of topics from which to choose.


  • Purpose to Prosperity

    • Discovering You - Strengths and Gifts

    • Heal the Gem Within

    • Turn Opportunity into Prosperity

  • Leadership

    • Connect to Vision/Mission

    • Fine Tune the Factory

    • Inspire Commitment

    • Authentic Leader Legacy


Most fees are based on individual requirements; volume discounts apply.


  • Consulting Services -  $100 per hour (or project based)

  • Coaching Services - 6 month program @ $300 per month ($250 if 12 month)

  • Training Programs - dependent on class size and program

  • Other services - Custom quote

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